ProForm Polygel Extensions

ProForm promises the strength of acrylics with the ease of gel

If you’re looking for perfect extensions that look natural and don’t cause allergies, try ProForm.

With all the ease of gel application and the strength of acrylic, you can enjoy results that last up to four weeks and a range of stylish, neutral colours.

For longer, stronger nails without pressure or pinching, try the all-new ProForm polygel nail extensions at our Sydney salon.

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The benefits of ProForm nails

There are plenty of things to prefer about ProForm nails over acrylics, and it starts with your comfort and convenience.

Hyper-realistic nails, available in a variety of neutral shades.

A smooth formula that gives your professional nail therapist total control when sculpting extensions.

All the strength of acrylics, but in a smooth paste for a perfect finish.

Speedier application, so you can enjoy shorter appointments.

Reduced risk of an allergic reaction or skin inflammation due to HEMA-free solution.

Comfortable application without the pinching or pressure of acrylics.

A hard gel that can help repair splits and nail damage.

HEMA-free manicures and pedicures

You can enjoy ProForm nails as part of your manicure and pedicure services. The hard gel is perfect for both, building up as polygel nail extensions for your hands or simply adding elegant colour or covering split nails on your feet.

And why is it important that ProForm is HEMA-free? First, we need to know what HEMA is. Hydroxyethyl methacrylate is a key ingredient in many adhesive nail products and has been named by dermatologists as a high-level allergen. When you repeatedly use products containing HEMA, or if it comes into contact with your skin, you can develop an allergy which will last for life. So if you can avoid the ingredient, all the better for your nails and skin.

How does ProForm work?

The malleable gel is pre-mixed and lubricated, making it smoother to apply. Our advanced nail technicians place a small bead of gel onto the nail’s stress point and shape it using a specialist tool to reach the desired form. The gel is levelled out across the nail to create strength. Unlike other gel formulas, ProForm doesn’t move or set like other gel formulas, meaning that flash-curing each nail as you go isn’t necessary, meaning you need less time for your appointment.

ProForm is simple to apply and remove too. Your Medi Nails technician will simply begin with filing, then soak off the last layer of hard gel using removal foils saturated in acetone.

The colours

When you opt for ProForm nails, you have seven different colours to choose from, all neutral, nude and natural for an elegant finish. ProForm colours include Bare Stone, Platinum, Diamond, Rose Quartz, Dusky Marble, Shell and Pink Star to meet all types of subtle shades.

Strong nails that last

These hyper-realistic nail extensions feel just like natural nails, and with super durability, your ProForm nails can last up to four weeks without the potential downsides of acrylics.

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At Medi Nails, we’re a team of pro nail technicians who only work with the best brands. Because your nails should be beautiful and healthy, too. That’s why we’ve selected ProForm extensions to add to our services, so you can enjoy long-lasting, strong nails in elegant and natural colours, without the smell, fuss and potential discomfort of acrylics.

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