Men’s manicures

Boost your nail health while enjoying a relaxing and therapeutic experience with our manicures for guys.

A simple shape and tidy can transform your hands. Our male manicure offers a refreshing and effective way to take care of your hands. We carefully select our nail grooming products to ensure they are non-toxic and cruelty-free, so you can enjoy a relaxing experience that is kind to your nails and the environment. So, why not treat yourself to a premium male manicure? Nice nails go a long way!

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Why get a manicure?

Take a good look at your hands right now - are you sure that you can’t do better? You can easily develop dry hands and calluses in many different lines of work. If part of your livelihood involves meeting lots of people or using your hands, you might be making a poor impression on your colleagues and clients. Your partner might also appreciate the effort to clean up your cuticles and fix your hangnails.

The classic men’s manicure

At Medi Nails, we offer a health-informed personalised experience. Our private nail room provides a peaceful ambience for your treatment, ensuring you leave our salon feeling relaxed and revitalised with clean, tidy nails.

Our expert nail technicians will begin by trimming your nails to a comfortable length, filing away any uneven edges for a well-shaped, smoother look. If there is any excess skin around your nails, we will work to remove it. Finally, we will finish with a soothing hand lotion to boost your skin's hydration.


Your health comes first as our professionals strike the perfect balance between well-being and grooming by applying expert-approved treatments that use vegan-friendly, non-toxic products. Our specialist manicure process is informed and approved by expert podiatrists to help enhance the health of your nails while delivering a luxurious and relaxing treatment.

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Keeping your nails healthy at home

Keep up the appearance of your handsome hands by following our home care treatment tips. Invest in a dedicated nail clipper (not scissors!) to clip your nails and file with an emery board. Always take gentle care in pushing back your cuticles using a cuticle pusher. Then, try applying a healthy scrub to buff and brighten your hands before applying a quality and cruelty-free cuticle oil to soften and hydrate your skin.

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