Aprés Gel-X Extensions

The gentle way for long, natural-looking nails

Imagine nail extensions that don’t damage your nails. Aprés Gel-X™ nails are better for your nails and more natural-looking than conventional nail decorating methods such as dips, or acrylic extensions.

Whether you’ve already heard about Gel-X™ nail extensions and want to know more, or this is your first time delving into the topic, here’s why you should consider choosing this innovative formula at your next manicure appointment.

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A natural-looking, gentle nail extension

Unlike acrylic nails, Gel-X™ extensions aren’t made of plastic, they are a soft gel extensions, so they are better for the environment. Instead, they’re made of a liquid molecule called an oligomer and are created when the gel is sculptured, cured and shaped to add length and strength to the nail. The extension is made of gel polish, making it more malleable than acrylic and other options. They are applied to the nail with a specialised gel, meaning no glue.

Gel-X nail extensions also create a more natural-looking effect, covering the whole nailbed (unlike acrylics which sit on the end of your nails). Extensions can be cut and designed into different shapes, such as stiletto, coffin, round, square and ballerina and typically last two to four weeks before they need to be replaced, filled or removed with a quick acetone soak.

Less damage to your nails

Nail extensions can often cause damage to your nails. However, unlike acrylic nails, Apres gel x extensions don’t require drilling, meaning less damage to your nails and health. As they’re made from gel, they can be removed with an acetone soak, leaving behind a healthy nail.

Gel-X extensions are just as durable and strong as acrylic nails, without the harmful chemicals used in acrylics that can sometimes cause redness and irritation to the skin or even nail damage. They’re easy to take care of with just a drop of cuticle oil to keep your cuticles well hydrated. Although gel extensions don’t cause the same kind of damage as acrylics, it’s good to take a break between extensions now and then to let your nails breathe and keep them in optimal health.

Pain-free application with professional manicurists

Once you’ve selected the shape and size of your new soft gel extensions, our team of professionally trained manicurists will prep your nails, buffing them and pushing cuticles back to ensure they’re clean, dry and ready for application.

The manicurist will then coat your nails with a PH bonder, and nail primer, followed by one coat of Extend Gel Polish cured under an LED light. Your extension is then secured by adding more Extend Gel Polish to the inside of your nail tips, which is then cured again.

The entire process usually takes around one hour and a half, depending on whether you would like gel polish or nail art, giving you plenty of time to relax and unwind in our salon’s serene atmosphere.


Gel-X Extension application includes manicure


Gel-X Extension application including manicure and removal of previous extensions

Cruelty-free nail polishes in a variety of colours

At Medi Nails, we strive to use gentle and harmless ingredients in all of our salon products. We also collaborate with many innovative and sustainable brands, creating vegan polishes in various vibrant colours that don’t cost the Earth.

We always prioritise the environment and our own health so that you can enjoy non-damaging manicures and pedicures that are kind to your skin and the planet. None of our products contains formaldehyde, sulphates or parabens, or animal derivatives, so you can rest assured that you are making conscious choices for yourself and the environment.

Opt for Aprés Gel X Nails when booking your next manicure for long, healthy, natural-looking nails that are gentler on your nails.

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