Remove calluses with a professional peel treatment

Beautiful smooth heels in 30 minutes

Drop in to Medi Nails beauty salon on Doody St. for professional and hygienic callus peel treatment and let as pamper you with soothing spa and beauty treatments from tip to toe.

Step out in style with younger looking feet

Don’t let hard skin, calluses and cracked feet hold you back from having an active social life.

Wear open shoes and sandals or go barefoot with confidence again after a foot callus remover treatment at Medi Nails.

Our professional Mavex callus peel treatment softens skin on your soles for easy and painless callus removal.

Foot callus remover treatment takes just 30 minutes

Mavex: the best skin-softening product to gently remove calluses

At Medi Nails, we use Mavex, a popular callus peel solution supplied exclusively to licensed beauticians and podiatrists, who are trained to use the product to safely soften hard skin on the soles of your feet without the need for any sharp instruments.

It’s a completely safe and hygienic treatment with no risk of broken skin or bleeding. This means that we can carry out the procedure in a relaxing environment while you enjoy being pampered with other beauty treatments and products.

How we remove calluses in just 30 minutes

When you visit Medi Nails’ Sydney salon, you’ll receive your callus peel treatment in a private, professional and relaxing environment. We’re experts in beauty and hygienic care, and we want you to enjoy the procedure as much as the results. The procedure takes just 30 minutes.

Treatment steps

Apply the patches

First, we’ll apply the Mavex patches to the parts of your feet which suffer the most. Particular attention is paid to the heel and ball, which will feel as light as a feather after the treatment.

Gently wrap the feet

Then we'll wrap your feet in film and leave it for a while to let the Mavex solution work its magic. While you wait, you can relax, snooze, or have your nails done by one of our toxin-free waterless manicures or eyelash extensions.

Remove calluses

The softened calluses are then scrubbed with a spatula scraper, which is a pain-free way to remove what was the worst of the rough skin. Our beauticians then file and buff the entire surface, leaving your feet smooth and soft.

Hydrate and soothe

For the final touch to make your feet shine with youthful vibrancy, our beautician will gently wash and dry your feet, before massaging them with a silky hydrating cream.

Your assurance of medical professionalism at Medi Nails

Our qualified beauty technicians are trained by professional podiatrists. Every Medi Nails treatment has been approved by our resident podiatrists. Our nail technicians perform these podiatrist-approved treatments in a hygienic and holistic spa setting.

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