The gel that helps your nails grow

Treat yourself to strengthening and cruelty-free BIAB gel nails for your next manicure

If you’ve been looking for gel nails that are kind to your skin and nails, and cruelty-free, then you need BIAB gel nails. Beloved by the A-list for its natural look, this new soak-off gel isn’t just harder than regular gel, it also works to strengthen your nail and help it grow.

We offer it at our Medi Nails salon in Sydney because we’re committed to combining health and beauty, only offering products that we know don’t cause harm. So if you’re thinking about getting a BIAB nails in Sydney, here’s everything you need to know.

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BIAB gel nails: a gentler gel alternative

Created by PETA-approved vegan brand The Gel Bottle, BIAB (which stands for builder in a bottle - an appropriate name) gel adds strength and structure to your nails and lets them grow out without breaking.

With a BIAB manicure, you can add length and strengthen your natural nails while also enjoying beautiful designs and colours. It’s stronger and lasts longer than regular gel manicures and isn’t as damaging as acrylic solutions such as Signature Nail System (SNS).

Quicker, kinder, safer, easier

No more powder polymer dipping or strong glues that are tough to remove. BIAB gel nails take less time to apply, so you can soon be on your way and looking great for any occasion. Here are just some of the benefits you can enjoy with your next BIAB manicure in Sydney with Medi Nails:

Same strength as acrylic or SNS nails without damaging the natural nail underneath.

Lasts more than four weeks without chipping or lifting.

Same strength as acrylic or SNS nails without damaging the natural nail underneath.

Keep your natural nails healthy and strong as they continue to grow underneath the gel.

Self-levelling gel spreads evenly across the nail when applied.

Long-lasting and easy to remove, just like regular gel nail polish.

They can be infilled, to avoid regular removal, or gently soaked off.

Pick from a small but beautiful selection of shades, or finish with a gel colour on top.

photo of beautiful fingernails
photo of beautiful fingernails

Your Medi Nails BIAB manicure

Pop into our Sydney salon and let our nail technicians give you a BIAB gel manicure that leaves you looking and feeling great.

(including removal)


We prep the nail by pushing back cuticles and then trim, buff, and file the nails into your desired shape. We then dust your nails with a brush and wipe them with acetone.


We add a fine layer of BIAB to each nail, one hand at a time, and set it on low heat for 99 seconds.

Add gel

Working on one nail at a time, we add another thin layer of BIAB gel. While this layer is still wet, we take a small bead of gel and place it near the cuticle, working it along each side of the nail. We then turn the nail upside down to create an apex, then cure it for 99 seconds.


Once the base is done, we can add a top coat, apply a gel colour, or finish it off with decorative nail art before applying cream and cuticle oil to keep your hands and nails soft and supple.

The natural look

Use BIAB gel for a natural look that protects your nails and helps them grow too. Pick a soft pink shade, or use a clear base to accentuate your natural nails.

Squoval chic

Get creative with colourful tips, cute designs or an elegant French manicure look with squoval nails, the perfect mix of square and oval.

Insta-worthy designs that last!

Decorate your digits with long art-adorned nails and get infills as your nails grow without removing the design.

No more broken nails with BIAB gel infills

BIAB gel nails are also better for your nails because you don’t have to have all of your colour removed and your nail filed and shaped at each appointment. Opt for an infill instead to keep your look for longer by filling in new nail growth at the base of your nail. Thanks to BIAB’s high-quality gel, your colour will still be in good condition and so doesn’t need to be totally redone every time.

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