Innovative health and beauty

Meet the future of self-care with wellness treatments developed by healthcare professionals.

Infused, transformed, and redefined

We bring you innovative spa treatments that are a treat for your skin and senses. Our highly skilled team of professional podiatrists and technicians will provide you with the most exclusive services.

We offer a variety of health and beauty treatments that are infused with much-deserved indulgence. Each service we offer has been designed to transform your hands, feet, and nails in ways you never thought possible. From manicures to pedicures, Medi Nails brings together health, wellness and beauty, all in one place.

Our values


Beauty that doesn’t cost the Earth

We want all our male and female customers to feel confident and stylish with environmentally responsible products, not tested on animals, and suitable for vegans. Ethical beauty is the future.


Health first

All our manicure and pedicure services are rooted in health, approved by leading podiatrists and support the health of your skin and nails while enjoying a splash of style.


The highest hygiene standards

As doctors, we understand how important hygiene is, so we only offer waterless manicures and pedicures. No compromised washbasins, no harmful chemicals. Just a caring treat for hands and feet.

Our roots

Dr Rudo is a highly trained podiatrist who leads the team at The Foot Hub. After 10 years honing her expertise in the industry, she and her team decided it was time to offer people in Sydney something a little different.

Dr Rudo found that many patients were looking for perfect soothing, health-boosting treatments that combine the science of foot and hand care with beauty. So she decided to disrupt the market, upgrade the industry and bring you Medi Nails, the perfect blend of beauty and healthcare tailored to your nails.

A team you can trust

At Medi Nails, with us, you’ll always know where all our products and ingredients come from, with ethical products that put your health first. That’s why, as fully qualified podiatrists and technicians, you can put your faith in our team to deliver outstanding manicure and pedicure services in a toxin-free environment.

The new beauty standard

Discover our range of services and treatments. Whether you are looking for a manicure, medical pedicure or the complete works, we have treatments that will help you relax, unwind and give your hands and feet a new lease of life.

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