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Why are your pedicures waterless?

At Medi Nails our decision to remove a traditional foot soak from pedicures is based on the following reasons:

  • It’s safer

During a pedicure, sharp tools are used to cut toenails which can pierce your skin. Soaking your feet softens your skin and makes it easier for microorganisms to enter your skin through small openings. Offering waterless pedicures allows us to create a safe environment for clients who are concerned about fungal infections or having existing medical conditions like diabetes.

  • Your nail polish lasts longer

Yes really. By soaking your feet, your nail plate absorbs water and expands. Once they shrink back to their natural size it is harder for nail polish to stay on your toenails and it can chip more easily.

  • It’s better for the environment

By going waterless, you can save upwards of 40 litres of water per pedicure and another 20 litres per pedicure. Over time that means we avoid wasting a huge volume of a very precious resource.

Why don’t you apply acrylic?

Medi Nails was founded by podiatrists with decades of experience in toenail conditions. Our most commonly seen toenail conditions are fungal toenails and damaged toenails. It is hard for us to ignore the repetitive micro trauma caused by acrylic and hard gel polish use on our patients’ toenails. These types of polish cause ridges and cracks in nails which makes them more suspectable to infection and permanent changes. We encourage frequent users of acrylic to consider a break between their treatments.

At Medi Nails we offer a natural, safer and healthier gel polish: Green Flash by The Manucurist.

Will Podiatrists be providing the services at Medi Nails?

At Medi Nails, our approved nail technicians will always provide all services. However, our resident podiatrists are on call if needed and have fully vetted and approved every treatment we offer. Our nail technicians have experience in the nail industry and also receive additional training by Foot Hub podiatrists.

Can I use my private health fund card?

We’re afraid not. Medi Nails is not a medical service so is not eligible for private health insurance rebates. If you would like to use your private health insurance, we invite you to try a Medical Pedicure at The Foot Hub with one of our experienced podiatrists first and then an express pedicure after.