The ultimate treat for hands and feet

Take a health-led approach to beautiful nails with podiatrist-approved manicures and pedicures at our luxury salon.

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At Medi Nails, we deliver manicures and pedicures that work in harmony with your nails, so you get a polished look and perfectly healthy hands and feet.

Working with innovative solutions such as waterless manicures and pedicures, toxin-free products and ethically sourced ingredients, we ensure you can relax and enjoy spa-quality treatments with the highest level of care.

Our treatments are podiatrist-approved, going beyond beauty to also focus on the health of your hands, feet and nails. After all, why sacrifice health just to look good when you can have both? Beauty starts with looking after you.

An ethical experience

All our manicures and pedicures are vegan and non-toxic, so your treatment doesn’t cost the Earth. Our podiatrists have hand-picked the best high-quality cruelty-free products. We are also water-free, creating a more hygienic experience for you and less water waste. All so you get longer-lasting polish, softer skin, better product performance and a relaxing eco-friendly service.

Colour with care

Nail polishes look beautiful but can be packed with harmful chemicals. We carefully choose nail polish without toxins, opting for caring products that use natural, cruelty-free ingredients while hydrating and soothing the skin and nails. With ingredients such as coconut oil and aloe vera gel, you’ll enjoy bold colours and a bright shine with no nasty toxins.

Meet the team

Our dedicated beauty professionals and experienced podiatrists have combined their skills and knowledge to provide you with spa treatments that offer a little something different. All products are designed with unique ingredients to relax, soothe and heal your skin and nails, delivered in a calm, tranquil, spa-inspired environment.

Our story

A treat for your feet

We bring together an innovative combination of science and wellness to create specialised hand and foot treatments that support your health, add a little luxury to your day and provide long-lasting beauty. Visit us at Medi Nails and experience our serene spa environment as we treat you to a restorative treatment.

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Waterless manicure and pedicure services

More luxurious, hygienic, and better for the environment. Now that’s a treatment we can get behind.

With our waterless manicures and pedicures, we soften and hydrate your skin and cuticles with infused exfoliants and oils instead of soaking your hands and feet in water. Why? Because water-based treatments are often less than sanitary and expose you to the harmful chemicals used to clean the tubs. They can even cause irritation and infections, not to mention increasing water waste. So opt for our luxurious waterless manicure and pedicure services for a luxurious treat with silky oils and gently softening treatments that is better for both you and the environment.

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